29 Sep 2016

Version 5.6.0 on the app Store!

Apple Watch OS3 Update

There is a new version on the app store that finally works with the Apple Watch. Developing for the Apple Watch during the last year has been a very frustrating experience due to Apple’s restrictions. With Watch OS3 Apple finally removed these restrictions. I am very happy to say that Apple Watch is finally usable.

The watch app has been updated. There is not much new functionality, but what was already there now works. The display gets updated really fast (well it still needs a split second, but we can live with that), and HR values are recorded in real time. The most requested feature for the Apple watch app has been to be able to “stop and save” from the watch. This was added, so now after you pause a run you can either resume it or stop and save it. There are still some issues regarding the interval/split notifications but they will be hopefully resolved with the next updates of Watch OS.

Stand alone operation of the Apple Watch app is not yet supported but it will be added hopefully by the end of the year. This will be both with GPS usage for Apple Watch 2 and without for the original AW or treadmills.


Support for the forthcoming Pebble 2 has been added too. The pebble app will be updated to utilize Pebble’s HRM. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Bug Fixes.

Various bug fixes and improvements of the app.

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.

03 Jun 2015

Version 5.0.0 on the app Store!

Apple Watch

iSmoothRun is the app that supports more hardware than any other. Apple watch could not be missing from our list. As with Pebble and Echo you can customize the metrics you see on the watch on two pages.

Notification pages are presented for “Laps”, “Splits” and “Intervals”.

When not running you can see your daily stats for the last week on page one and your last four weeks on page two.

For the moment Apple is very restrictive regarding what features of the watch we can use. This will hopefully change in the future and we’ll be able to use its HRM, vibrations and buttons.

New AppleWatch iSmoothRun App

SMS Biosport Earbuds with HRM

Using Intel’s technology SMS created a pair of earphones that have a build in HRM! No battery or charging needed. We are happy to support it.

sms Biosport

Bug Fixes.

Various bug fixes and improvements of the app.

One new setting that is worth mentioning is in the advanced settings and has to do with the use of Apple’s pedometer. It has been noticed that in the latest updates of iOS (8.3.x) Apple’s pedometer performance deteriorated. This causes sometimes wrong cadence statistics (usually lower) and non-smooth cadence charts. If you experience this problem on a 5S or 6/6Plus you might want to try this setting and use the app’s pedometer instead.

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.

02 Mar 2015

Version 4.8.0 on the app Store!


We are very happy to add support for SmashRun.com. Smashrun is all about running. Try it out!

More Features

  • Many users have been asking for easier access to the dashboard setup so they can change the background color before the run. We thought we could do better. We added “Auto” option that automatically changes the dashboard background color (light during day and dark at night).
  • Many of our runners are pretty serious abut their trainign and have measured their VO2Max in a lab. We added caloric expenditure calculation based on VO2Max.
  • With iPhone 6 and 6Plus the screens are quite big. The phone can now be used for reviewing the run. We added the option to zoom and pan the Y axis for workout charts. Pinch along X direction zooms X. Drag along X pans X. Pinch along Y direction will zoom first plot if pinch is done on the left half of the screen and the second one if is done on the second half. Drag follows the same rule and pans along Y.
  • Best efforts Calculation. In the summary view of each session you can see your fastest times for mile, 5K etc…
  • Added optional “None” action for buttons of displays (Echo, RFLKT etc)
  • Added Average Lap Power metric for use on the display
  • Added power balance support for Cycling BT Smart Power Meters
  • 64 bit executables.
Old (non BTSmart) Scosche HRMs and old Runalyzer Analog dongles are no longer supported starting with this version. The reason is that we have to move to 64bit (Apple forces us to) but we are not supplied with the needed libraries by Scosche. Please do not update if you use them.

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.

12 Dec 2014

Version 4.6.2 on the app Store!

These are the features of the new release:

  • New Pebble app! Please update the iSmoothRun app in your pebble too. With the new pebble app you’ll get notifications (vibration + info screen) for User Laps (whenever you press the Lap button, or an Interval finishes) and Splits(every Mile/Km). You ‘ll see the split/lap count, average pace, averge and maximum HR if a HRM is connected. You will also get a notification with pre announcement of intervals. Interval starts after 3 short and one long vibe (at -3,-2,-1 and 0 seconds from start). Don’t forget that you can get a Pebble for only $79 using our “Shop” page in the app.

  • Support and use of the barometric altimeter of iPhone 6 for better climb calculations.

  • Support of power based workouts for KICKR users. If a KICKR is paired, you will find power zones in “User Profile” while you can create “advanced intervals” with power targets. Then you can drive the KICKR at the predefined power levels using these workouts.

  • Added “Smart sampling” option to record in variable intervals of 1-7 seconds. This will produce shorter files. It will also help if you experience jaggy GPS signal and the distance is overestimated. The option can be found in advanced settings and it’s on by default for iPhone 4.

  • Various bug fixes.

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.

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