SportTracks is the premier training software for performance athletes to reach their endurance goals through custom analysis of data from GPS-smartphones, heart rate monitors, and other fitness devices. Athletes are recording more data than ever, but SportTracks provides insight that matters through custom analysis and an athlete-centered design. From logging workouts to detailed analytics and community support, SportTracks gives athletes the tools and resources necessary to safely build the strength and stamina to achieve their goals.

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Other new features

  • Bold Typeface for the recording dashboard. Thin iOS7 fonts look ultra cool but when running might be a little problematic. You can now use bold fonts. Set it in Settings->Dashboard

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug that would export to TrainingPeaks with wrong time.
  • Fix bug that would not reconnect a BT sensor if for some reason it lost connection.
  • Fix a bug that would close connection to the pebble if you switched to another app.
  • Other minor bug fixes.