Add a sensor and advance your training to the next level

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Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate monitors.

The newest generation of Heart rate monitors from Wahoo. A HRM is an essential training tool, and usually the first sensor one adds. iSmoothRun offers features like "Heart Rate Training Zones", Intervals definitions based on HR Zones and audio cues for HR Zone training. If you are running on treadmill or want to add a pedometer for better pacing you can go for the TICKR Run or TICKR X which contain a pedometer as well. iSmoothRun will also support the "Running Smoothness" metrics as soon as Wahoo makes them available to us.


Wahoo Blue SC combo Speed/Cadence Cycling Sensor

Adding a combo sensor will greatly enhance your cycling experience. First of all you 'll be able to track your cadence. High cadence is essential for knee health, and high power output. Then you 'll have the extra speed sensor. Although GPS can give speed, a speed sensor is more accurate and definitely more responsive in speed changes especially during climbs where speed is low. Auto pause works flawlessly as well.

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Wahoo RFLKT+ Cycling Display

RFLKT+ is the first iPhone remote display. Keep your iPhone in the safety of your back pocket and control iSmoothRun form the RFLKT. Setup as many pages as you like with any of the 30 available metrics. Love it for the large numerals, see the numbers with one glance. If you have ANT+ sensors you can use the RFLKT+ as a bridge to connect them to the iPhone. RFLKT+ adds two more sensors, a barometric altimeter for accurate elevation calculations and a thermometer. Both sensors are supported.

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KICKR The best trainer available

KICKR is the best available cycling trainer. Period. If you are serious about your cycling look no further. iSmoothRun of course supports it. Not only you can set the wattage of the trainer but can also pre-program your workout with all the different sections on different power levels, start the workout and iSR will drive the KICKR!

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