Auto Sync your Training Peaks or FinalSurge Training plans with the Phone and Watch app

Added Annual and Monthly Pro Subscriptions. You can enable the subscription in Settings > Upgrade
Pro subscriptions unlock the following features:

  1. Multiple number of Metrics pages on the Apple Watch.
  2. Sync of Training Plans on the device and the Apple Watch
  3. Auto Sync of training plans for TrainingPeaks Users
  4. Auto Sync of training plans for FinalSurge Users
  5. Added the 4 Stryd custom metrics (Contact time, Form power, Vertical Oscillation and Leg Stiffness) in the metrics that can be displayed real time.
  6. FIT file export to Garmin Connect with Contact time and Vertical Oscillation if it’s available. Stryd data are also passed through GC to Power Center.
  7. FIT File export through email and Dropbox. FIT file contains custom metrics of Stryd power meters (Form Power, Aero Power, Leg Stiffness)

New Features For all Users:

  • Added export to FinalSurge
  • Added export to TrainAsOne
  • iOS13-14 updates and Dark scheme
  • Added Complications
  • Added optional Music control page for the Apple Watch app
  • Added “Power” in Audio Cues (for users with power meters)
  • Added Power statistics for Intervals.
  • When a workout session recorded with the Apple Watch is transferred to the phone the “Location” field is automatically filled.
  • Auto-upload of Apple Watch recorded sessions during the first phone app load.
  • Added more Split metrics for displays. Time, Distance, Average Cadence, Average HR and Climb of the current split are now available.
  • Added Grade as an available metric.
  • Restored the capability to “Pause” the audio of podcasts. This is controlled by the “Duck/Pause” switch in Audio settings and is independent for each activity.
  • Added Support for Viiiiva (with paired ANT+ sensors) on the Apple Watch
  • Added icons for “active” sensors at the leftmost screen of the Apple Watch
  • Added AutoPause switch in Apple Watch’s leftmost screen during the activity
  • Added the option to automatically stop and save a session when the pre-programmed workout ends
  • Apple Watch workouts with a duration of less than 2 mins can be deleted from the watch when you stop them.
  • Don’t connect to a nearby Stryd power meter when in cycling mode
  • Many Bug Fixes.
If you have already authenticated the app with Training Peaks after you prurchased the "Pro" features, please re-authenticate the app in order to give permission to read your training plan.

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.