Many thanks to everybody for the glowing reviews of the new iOS7 version. Your encouragement and support is what keeps this app developing. My plans for 2014 include triathlon, so you can expect a lot of development for cycling (power meters etc) and hmm… even swimming. If you have any crazy ideas don’t hesitate to contact us.

These are the new features of this version:

  • Export Laps/Intervals as Laps in TCX format (they will appear in Garmin Connect, Strava)
  • Apart from the fastest song, now we record paces for the whole playlist. You can even export them in the Notes with the appropriate code (PLLST to get the playlist, and PLLSTSRTD to get the songs sorted by pace).
  • Give the option for the user to define how many pages to be displayed in Echo and RFLKT displays
  • Redesign of the Echo display pages. Added an extra page with Lap statistics whenever the user presses “Lap”. Added extra page with current interval info that pops up automatically when the user is performing a scheduled interval.
  • Added extra metrics that can be used in the dashboard and the displays (Echo, RFLKT). These are “Time of Day”, and “Time Ahead/Behind Target” which displays seconds ahead or behind the ghost runner when performing an Interval/steady pace based section or a ghost run.
  • Support for RFLKT+. You can pair ANT+ sensors with your BT phone via a RFLKT+ display.

Bug Fixes

  • Record of HR and Power during Indoor cycling even if no speed sensor is active.
  • Correct Interval cues in case of very short intervals (5sec max effort)
  • Fixes for Stages Power meters.
  • Added power output in PWX (training Peaks) format.
  • Fixed bug that prevented workouts to be deleted when they were scheduled in a past date.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when editing Twitter messages, or Custom workout settings
  • Many small bug fixes.