These are the features of the new release:

  • New Pebble app! Please update the iSmoothRun app in your pebble too. With the new pebble app you’ll get notifications (vibration + info screen) for User Laps (whenever you press the Lap button, or an Interval finishes) and Splits(every Mile/Km). You ‘ll see the split/lap count, average pace, averge and maximum HR if a HRM is connected. You will also get a notification with pre announcement of intervals. Interval starts after 3 short and one long vibe (at -3,-2,-1 and 0 seconds from start). Don’t forget that you can get a Pebble for only $79 using our “Shop” page in the app.

  • Support and use of the barometric altimeter of iPhone 6 for better climb calculations.

  • Support of power based workouts for KICKR users. If a KICKR is paired, you will find power zones in “User Profile” while you can create “advanced intervals” with power targets. Then you can drive the KICKR at the predefined power levels using these workouts.

  • Added “Smart sampling” option to record in variable intervals of 1-7 seconds. This will produce shorter files. It will also help if you experience jaggy GPS signal and the distance is overestimated. The option can be found in advanced settings and it’s on by default for iPhone 4.

  • Various bug fixes.

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.