Apple Watch OS3 Update###

There is a new version on the app store that finally works with the Apple Watch. Developing for the Apple Watch during the last year has been a very frustrating experience due to Apple’s restrictions. With Watch OS3 Apple finally removed these restrictions. I am very happy to say that Apple Watch is finally usable and enjoyable.

The watch app has been updated for Watch OS3 and the app can run in the background. The display gets updated really fast (well it still needs a split second, but we can live with that), and HR values are recorded in real time. The most requested feature for the Apple watch app has been to be able to “stop and save” from the watch. This was added, so now after you pause a run you can either resume it or stop and save it. There are still some issues regarding the interval/split notifications but they will hopefully be resolved with the next updates of Watch OS.

Stand alone operation of the Apple Watch app is not yet supported but it is scheduled to be developed by the end of the year. Both GPS and treadmill modes will be supported.


Support for the forthcoming Pebble 2 has been added too. The pebble app will be updated to utilize Pebble’s HRM. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Bug Fixes.###

Various bug fixes and improvements of the app.

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.