This version adds support for two important external hardware devices. These are the new Viiiiva BT HRM by 4iiii that can bridge ANT+ sensors to the iPhone and the RFLKT BT Smart display by Wahoo.

iSmoothRun is the first app to support Viiiiva and the only app to support both Viiiiva and RFLKT so you can connect your existing ANT+ cycling sensors, your iPhone 5 through Viiiva, and your RFLKT display. We are proud that iSmoothRun is the app with the most extensive support for sensors and hardware. We know that our users, runners, cyclists and triathletes, have an existing inventory of sensors they want to use. They are also eager to test new gadgets that make their training more effective and fun. Even if you don’t currently use any sensors you can be confident that if you decide to, your favourite app won’t let you down. And for those wondering about Pebble support, let us say that we are waiting for pebble to release their SDK and we will support it as soon as possible.

4iiii Viiiiva

Support for 4iiii Viiiiva BTSmart HRM and ANT+ to BT bridge. Viiiiva is a unique product. It will let you use all your ANT+ sensors (footpod, cycling speed/cadence/power) with your BT smart iPhone (4S or 5) without any dongle. The HRM pairs with the ANT+ sensors and sends all the data to the iPhone as well as to your ANT+ sports watch.


Support for Wahoo RFLKT BT Smart display. RFLKT is the first BT Smart display for cycling. You can leave your phone in the back pocket and see the ride data on the RFLKT mounted on your handlebars just like any bike computer.