iOS 7!

New iOS7 design screenshots

Totally redesigned iSmoothRun. True iOS7 look and feel. When iOS7 was introduced, we knew that everything should be changed. Instead of just removing the gradients from the old design, just like most apps did, we hired a Swiss designer so we could come up with something new. As with the old design we tried to follow closely Apple’s guidelines so usability is not hurt, while at the same time have a distinct look. We added increased contrast for better legibility, beautiful typography and a new customisable dashboard. We really want you to enjoy your runs and your app. We are sure you are going to love it.

User Laps

With Laps you can keep statistics for the different sections of your run when a simple workout is performed. It’s important to note that laps apply to simple workouts or workouts that have at most three sections (for example warmup/steady/cool down). If a custom workout is performed with more than three sections then the app automatically marks the laps based on the workout sections. The lap button is still active though, and can be used to advance to the next interval

Customised Dashboard

In the settings you will find a new item called “Dashboard” that lets you setup your dashboard. There are two colour themes a light one and a dark one to suite your needs. You can also customise what values are displayed. The top value where “Time” is displayed by default, is replaced by the inverse timers when an interval is performed. Various values can be displayed, like pace, HR etc and their Lap averages. Lap averages refer to user laps or workout sections, depending on the workout performed. “Split pace” specifically refers to the average pace of 1 mile or 1 km depending on user settings. Pace is automatically replaced by speed when the activity is Cycling or MTB

Magellan Echo and Wahoo RFLKT

Support for the Magellan Echo smart sports watch is added. You can find it in Settings->Displays along with RFLT and Pebble You can also customise the pages of Echo and RFLKT. Regarding RFLKT the app will no longer switch automatically to an “Intervals page” when an interval is performed. RFLKT buttons have been reassigned as well, due to the introduction of Laps. For RFLKT the buttons are: top left:Light, top right:next page, bottom right:start,resume/pause, bottom left: lap/advance interval. Eco buttons are mapped as: top left:Light, top right:start/pause music, double click next song, bottom right:start,resume/pause, bottom left: lap/advance interval, screen tap:next page.

Check Sensors status before the run

In the Run setup screen you will find a “Check Sensors status” button. You can use this to connect to your HRM or Footpod before you actually start your run, to make sure that you won’t have any connection problems. The connection status is displayed on the top left with icons for each sensor just as they appear in the recording dashboard.

Import of training plans in TCX format

Starting with this version import of training plans in TCX format is added. A TCX file containing a training plan can be imported via Dropbox as usual. The workouts will appear in the calendar. Not all kinds of plans are supported though. Specifically only workouts scheduled on specific dates can be imported. Not all training targets are supported as well. Pacing is supported when target is Customised speedzone, predefined speedzones will be added later. In general this feature is added as a test phase and although it works very well for many cases, it might not work for you. Please contact us if you have problems so we can extend our support.