Pebblers rejoice!

Download the pebble iSmoothRun App and enjoy multiple pages with customized metrics and a watchface with your weekly totals! Install the pebble iSmoothRun app to your Pebble and then setup your pages in settings->Displays->Pebble. Choose iSmoothRun Pebble v2 app. New Pebble iSmoothRun App New Pebble iSmoothRun App, with dedicated watchface and customizable recording screen

Other new features

  • Daily Step Counter for iPhone 5S users. See your stats in the app’s charts or on the app’s icon.
  • Added “daily” option in the charts.
  • Shoe statistics. Ever wondered what’s the average pace/cadence/distance for each of your pairs. The answer is in the app. Added option to “Retire” shoes so you can keep the stats.
  • Added support for Magellan Active Site!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Garmin Connect upload.
  • Fixed MapMyRun support (issues having to do with elevation missing etc).
  • Fixed units not updating correctly for RFLKT.
  • Other minor fixes.