Apple Watch

iSmoothRun is the app that supports more hardware than any other. Apple watch could not be missing from our list. As with Pebble and Echo you can customize the metrics you see on the watch on two pages.

Notification pages are presented for “Laps”, “Splits” and “Intervals”.

When not running you can see your daily stats for the last week on page one and your last four weeks on page two.

For the moment Apple is very restrictive regarding what features of the watch we can use. This will hopefully change in the future and we’ll be able to use its HRM, vibrations and buttons.

New AppleWatch iSmoothRun App

SMS Biosport Earbuds with HRM

Using Intel’s technology SMS created a pair of earphones that have a build in HRM! No battery or charging needed. We are happy to support it.

sms Biosport

Bug Fixes.

Various bug fixes and improvements of the app.

One new setting that is worth mentioning is in the advanced settings and has to do with the use of Apple’s pedometer. It has been noticed that in the latest updates of iOS (8.3.x) Apple’s pedometer performance deteriorated. This causes sometimes wrong cadence statistics (usually lower) and non-smooth cadence charts. If you experience this problem on a 5S or 6/6Plus you might want to try this setting and use the app’s pedometer instead.

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.