These are the features of the new release:

iOS8 Support

  • Dynamic text (according to global user preferences) and adaptive views for iOS8 to match any iPhone size.
  • Health Kit Integration for iOS8 users The app will update your weight in HK (or get updated by HK), and will also update your active calories running/cycling distances and log your workout with HK.

New Features for all users (iOS7 and iOS8)

  • 1 sec recording. The app will sample every second, for more accurate data. (It will still record every 5 secs on iPhone 4).

  • Pace Zones in User Profile. Just like with HR Zones, Pace Zones have been added. For the moment Pace Zones are only used for interval definition. In the future Pace analysis of the run is planned as well.

  • Advanced intervals. With advanced intervals you can add as many work sections you like thus creating intervals of the form Work1 + Work2 + … + Recovery etc. More interval targets are added as “Pace zones” or custom “HR Zones”.

  • Possibility to define intervals in Metric for US users (only available for advanced intervals).

  • Major change while performing Intervals. All intervals are timed with the “Go” audio cue. Interval description is pre announced a few secs before the interval start. All Tabata/HIIT should be correct now.

  • Added Open Street Maps and Google Maps.

  • Support for Magellan Echo Fit.

  • PWX file format added in email options along with option to gzip the files (1 sec recording produces huge files)

  • Exporting to Training Peaks includes a user message as comment and marks laps/intervals.

  • Strava export includes a user message as well.

  • Support for RFLKT+ temperature and barometric altimeter. Temperature is also supported in the graphs if a RFLT+ is used.

  • KICKR support in Ergo mode. The app can connect and drive a KICKR trainer. While in recording mode you can switch to the settings tab and control the KICKR. Any cyclists that use a KICKR please contact the developer since more features are already implemented and are in testing phase.

  • New metrics for the dashboard and smart displays like 30 sec Avg Pace, 60 sec Avg pace and more…

  • Many more small features and fixes….

  • After updating please make sure the app has the correct permissions in your phone’s settings->Privacy->Location Services so it can use the GPS.

This is a major update of iSmoothRun with many changes in the app's engine. Nearly every piece of the code has been refactored. Thus I'll be able to continue further development in the following areas:
  • Workout planning, scheduling and programming
  • Statistical analysis of workout session data
  • Taking advantage of the newer devices with bigger screens
  • Connectivity with new sensors that will enable better understanding of our training
  • More functionality when used in conjunction with a smart watch like the Magellan Echo, Pebble and Apple Watch in the future.
  • Multi-sport support focusing on Running, Cycling and Swimming

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.

Have fun and enjoy your runs and rides