There is a new version on the app store. During the last months a lot of work has been done regarding workouts and training plans. These changes might not be evident yet on the user level, but will let us add important functionality in the future, such as: import of full training plans, advanced intervals with many more options, workouts for cyclists and even brick workouts for triathletes. For the moment we start by integrating training plan support with, and by letting users schedule their workouts.

Here is a detail walkthrough of the new features training plans.

Support for training plans. 2PEAK offers dynamic training plans adapting automatically to users needs and the execution of the plan. 2PEAK users following a training plan, will have their plan automatically uploaded in the App. The app will show the next two weeks planned sessions in the calendar view. Training plans are either pace based or HR based for runners and power based or HR based for cyclist. The corresponding workouts are automatically created in the app. The user can check his workouts in the calendar view, and can select the workout to perform from the workouts view (there he can select the workouts scheduled for the specific day). Normal audio coaching is offered as with custom workouts. The app also uploads the session to 2PEAK for further processing and plan adaptation. If you use iSmoothRun for your 2PEAK plan we make affiliate revenue, for which we are grateful.

The best metronome available

New Automatic mode for Metronome. With the new mode the metronome will start automatically when you are off your target cadence. There is even an extra option that will let you run on a faster cadence but not slower. It will also disengage on Warmup/CoolDown/Recovery sections. For example if you want to keep your cadence above 88, you set the metronome to 88 (or 176 if you prefer to hear the tick on every foot strike), you switch on “Auto” and “Permit Higher Cadence”. The metronome will engage automatically only when you drop below 88.

Schedule your workouts and create your own training plan

You can now schedule your workouts. In the “calendar view” if you tap the “+” button while a future date is selected the custom workouts section is shown and you can schedule the workout, thus creating a workout plan.

Manual Entry of a workout session

You can now manually enter a session. In the “calendar view” if you tap the “+” button while on a past date you are presented with a view where you can enter your workout session details.

More cycling sensors

Added support for ANT+ Cycling power meters. Added support for separate speed or cadence sensors. A wahoo dongle is needed.

New Audio Cues

There are two new Audio cues during intervals. When performing intervals you will hear the interval number. So for example for the second repetition you will hear “Interval 2, 5 min at ….” When performing a Time based interval/steady section you will get reminders at 4 mins 2 mins 1min and 30 seconds from end. For distance based sections the app already supports cues at 800, 400, 200 and 100 meters.

New web services supported

Added export to MapMyRun Added export to Fitbit. You can also automatically import weight info from Fitbit (for Aria users)

Minor Improvements

Support importing multi activity TCX files. Cumulative ascend is a new option in the charts. HR Zones are also plotted in the charts.

…and many more smaller changes…