Stand Alone Apple Watch iSmoothRun App###

The Apple Watch Stand Alone iSmoothRun is finally here. Leave your phone at home, run only with your watch and enjoy iSmoothRun.
The Apple Watch app can know operate in two modes, either as a display for the phone app “Watch + iPhone”, or as standalone recording device “Watch Only”. You have two customizable screens with three metrics each, on both modes.
You select the recording mode after you force touch the screen and tap “Start”.
You can also set: “Activity type” (Running, Cycling etc), “Workout” (Free or any of the custom workouts created on the phone), and the “Shoes” that you use for mileage tracking of your shoes.
During workouts that app will pop up a notification screen at the start of each interval with information about the forthcoming interval. An info screen with interval statistics will pop up at the end of the interval. These pop up screens are dismissed automatically after 15 seconds.
There is a pop up screen with statistics at every split (Mile or KM depending on user settings).
All these pop up screens/notifications will also vibrate the watch and emit a sound. You are advised to not have the watch in silent mode, as vibrations are not strong enough.
The run is transmitted to the phone and saved as soon as the watch connects to the phone and the watch iSR app becomes active.

Advanced Metrics for Stryd and Milestone pod

iSmoothRun now supports on the phone app full metrics for two new advanced footpods: Stryd and MilestonePod.
“Contact Time”, “Vertical Oscillation”, “Form Power”, “Leg Stiffness” are supported for Stryd while “Stance Time”, “Foot Strike”, “Leg Angle”, “Rate of Impact” are supported for the MilestonePod.
They can reviewed after the run in the summary page. Mean values are calculated for the complete run and for each split. You can also check them in the charts of the run by tilting the phone. Display of these metrics on the dashboard of the phone or watch during the run is not yet supported but it’s in the plans.

Bug Fixes.###

Various bug fixes and improvements of the app.

Thank you for your support. If you experience any problem please contact the developer through the “Feedback” option in the app.